Every once in a while,w e come across a dish that can be twisted as an appetizer, evening snack or a dinner dessert…

While I was writing this post , I realized this particular one can be a great appetizer or a dessert or both. Filling both needs and desires, here I present “The Vikings Braid”


Puff Pastry sheet, Pie Crust sheet 

Mixed veggies ( your choice of veggies) . For this particular snack, you can go wild. As I told my family “Sky is the limit” definitely fits here . I used grated carrot, cabbage, olives and mushrooms


1 Egg ( optional)


Thaw the pastry sheet 

Preheat the over to 400 Degree

Once thawed, open the sheet and remove any folds

Now keeping the center length intact ( I used a ruler to cover the center of the opened sheet) , make diagonal slits on both sides of the ruler ( from the ruler till the end of the pastry sheet length.

Make sure the slits are atleast quarter to half inch apart

Once all slits are made, remove the ruler from the pastry sheet and fill with all the veggies

Sprinkle the cheese on the top of the veggies

Now take a slit from each side and fold over the  veggies in the middle. Make sure you get a braid form

Beat the egg and take a brush and brush over the braid you just built

Put it on a tin foil and bake for 15 min OR till you see the outside slightly brown

Take put of the oven, cool for 2 min

Cut and enjoy !!!


You can avoid the egg if you don’t want to put the top glaze . Egg just gives a shine look

You can also cut horizontal just like the diagonal once, but during binding the veggies you need to be careful

I used a toaster over , so did not preheat

For dessert filling :

I just put the apple, cherry filling

The other time I filled with mixed fruit jam  or you can say jelly and a few slices of fresh fruit on the top and then make the braid


Feel free to try any combination . As I said this particular one you can say “SKY IS THE LIMIT” ….