The most challenging time for any parent is the evening snack. we want to make sure it is rich, healthy and filing yet not skipping dinner..

Keeping  this thought in mind, everyday I try new things , some pan out some fail but it has always been a learning curve to understand what we need to make to fill that just little craving in the evening..

Here’s to my first post that I experimented last week and posted in Foodies in Andhra and Foodies in Hyderabad  group and thank you to all the people who liked and asked for the recipe ..

As I mentioned in my About section, I try to twist things up to add that little flavor to make the food enjoyable..

Hope you enjoy this recipe..


  • Tortillas or maida /all-purpose-flour chapati
  • Broccoli ( chopped fine)
  • Cheese ( I used Mozzarella , Pepper Jack, Colby Jack)
  • Mushrooms ( finely chopped)
  • Salt and pepper per taste

Variation (1): 

Vegetarian :  Corn ,Spinach, Cajun Style or French Fries Style Potato Wedges, Steamed or stir fly Asparagus, Sweet Potato , Yam)

Variation (2) :

Grilled Chicken, Ground chicken cooked and cooled , Ground Beef, Ground Turkey, Shrimp cooked  or any other light oil cooked meat. Lamb I am not too sure )


  • Put the tortilla in a plate and microwave for 10 seconds each side. (Remember if it is fresh cooked tortilla you don’t need to do that.
  • If you plan to give it to kids, I recommend spreading a bit of Cream Cheese on half the tortilla ( you can skip this step , it is an option to add flavor) 
  • While the tortilla is getting heated, wash and steam the veggies . (You can use any combination. I normally use either broccoli and mushroom, spinach corn and mushroom, ground meat with green peas or grilled chicken with mushroom ). Pick a combination that fits your time and taste needs 
  • Once the tortilla is heated on both sides, spread the mixture of veggies or meat on one side, spread the cheeses , fold the unfilled side of the tortilla on top of the side which is filled with veggies/ meat  .
  • On a low flame flip on both sides till you see the cheese melted and binding both sides of the tortilla. 
  • It is time to take it out of the pan and cook it on a cutting board ( just for a minute), then cut it into pizza slices.

Just to add a zing to the flavor, I do pour a bit of salsa ( recipe give below)  on top of the cut wedges…

And now it is time to Enjoy!!!!

Few changes you can incorporate if you like :

Sometimes , I do not put Cream cheese , but put a dollop of Sour Cream . It does enhance the flavor

My friend tried with a regular Phulka ( Indian Roti cooked on flame) and she liked it, I have not tried but sounded like a good variation

Tortilla , you can use yellow or white corn, wheat or all-purpose flour, go with your taste. Since the filling is not heavy , you can add a bit of carb to your diet..


Salsa Recipe:

There are many variations , but my motto is simple and easy cooking . So here’s to my salsa recipe.


2 firm red tomatoes dice keep

1 or 2  jalapeno , chopped ( sometimes I use Thai chili, be careful it can be really spicy )

Cilantro half a bunch

1 lemon juice

1/2 red onion

Salt per taste

Method (1) :

Mix all together and put it in a jar for a few hours and then savor

Method (2) :

Put half of the diced tomatoes, onion, cilantro ( keep just a few leaves aside for garnish) , lemon juice and jalepeno into a blender and blend till is almost smooth

Now add the other half of the diced tomatoes, give 2 pulses

Mix all with salt

Garnish with the remaining cilantro