Building on the easy food category for today’s busy mom or busy individual… This dish is easy to make and tastes yum…

You can never go wrong with pasta, cheeses and veggies….


Pasta ( your choice). I chose Wheat Penne

All purpose flour or maida


Olive oil

Veggies ( your choice). I choose Broccoli, Mushroom  and Olives

Milk ( people prefer whole milk, I used 2% and still got great taste )

Cheese (My choice Mozzarella)


Black Pepper


Boil the pasta -Al Dante. Remember not to drain the entire water . I like to save half the water for future use . For this recipe , I boiled the pasta the previous night as  I had to prepare it in the morning .  Save the pasta boiled water in a separate air tight container and put it in the refrigerator

Take the veggies you like,( I prefer to add 1 cup of veggies to keep the balance you can go with your taste) . Chop the Veggies , wash and steam in microwave for a minute ( for mushrooms it is better to cook on the pan . (TO cook mushrooms, take a pan put some olive oil and add the mushrooms , sprinkle a pinch of salt , cover and cook for a 2 min on medium heat)

Take a pan, put some butter ( I used 2 tbs ), heat the pan

Add 2 tbs of all -purpose  flour , till it binds in well and leaves the raw smell ( don’t make it brown . You need to cook on  medium flame for just about 2 min )

Now add the milk slowly and not at once. keep crushing the lumps and stirring continuously till the milk thickens  and does not look watery.

Add salt and pepper per taste .

Shut off the cooking range and then add the veggies .

Once you add the veggies , turn the cooking range on on medium flame ( this avoids any sticking or burning of milk)

Cook with lid on for a minute and now add the cooked pasta with the water ( make sure you add the water slowly to avoid full dilution

Cook all together for a minute or two

Now add the shredded cheese and mix well

Now add the pitted olives and mix again for a minute and shut off the cooking range

Enjoy hot!



You can add more salt or pepper to meet your taste

Cheese depends on your taste, Mozzarella, Parmesan and if you like sharp takste then add both Mozzarella and Chedder