Every once in a while, we think of making something new as a spread for our traditional sandwich.. Here’s to a twist I made based on what was available…



Bread ( your choice)- 4 slices

Tomatoes -1

Cucumber -1

Yogurt- 1/2 cup

Cream Cheese – 2 tbs

1/4 cup Sour Cream – 1tsb ( optional)

Mayo- 1 tbs

Salt  – per taste

Pepper- Per taste


  • This sandwich can be made in two ways  or  toasted, raw. I preferred raw as it was a hot afternoon.
  • Slice the tomato into thin round slices ( not too thin and not too think, go with your taste for tomato)
  • Slice the cucumber into thin slices
  • Mix the yogurt, cream cheeses, salt and pepper together to form a spread.
  • Spread on one slice of the bread, layer with the veggies and then spread on the other slice and cover the veggies with the other slice
  • Cut into center Vertical



You can use veggies or meat per your taste

Any combination for spread is fine