What happens when the summer heat gets to you…

We want to make simple, healthy yet delicious food to keep our heart and stomach happy….

Here’s to another of my new experiments where I used the items in the house to create a simple yet filling lunch



Turkey slices ( not smoked but oven roasted) – 3 slices 

Bread (I use wheat bread) – 2 slices or Roti or Tortilla – 1 

Mayonnaise – 1/4 spoon 

Avocado- 1 copped and mashed up 

Salt per taste 

Tomato- 1 cut into circles 

Olive Oil – 1/2 spoon

Lemon juice- per taste 

Salsa- 1 spoon 

Cheeses ( your choice) – 1 slice (I used 1/2 pepper jack and 1/2 cheddar slice )


Mash the Avocado in a bowl

Add a pinch of Salt , lemon juice, and salsa 


Mix well and keep it aside 

In a smaller bowl add mayonnaise and olive oil with a pinch of salt

Mix well and keep it aside  ( this is optional, you don’t need it if you want to keep it  healthy or even you don’t like the taste of mayo

For Sandwich…

Take 2 slices of bread, spread the avocado mix on both the slices

One one slice -put the slices of turkey , layer it with tomatoes, now spread the mayo mix,  cheeses slice , now  top with pepper and cover the other avocado spread slice on the top.

Heat the pan, toast on low flame both sides and take it out

(This takes about a minute)

Take it out, cut diagonal or vertical  

For the Wrap or Roll…

Take the roti or the tortilla , follow the same process as the sandwich 

For the cheeses take shredded cheeses or cut the slice into pieces and put it on the corner to help roll and keep the ends locked 

Heat on a pan for less than a minute , take it out, cut and now



I like to twist things up, you can use cream cheeses or sour cream instead of mayo

If you don’t like to mix things up, don’t add the salsa and keep it even more simple 

You can use ham, chicken or any other slices instead of turkey 


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